Insurance Company Information

Important information regarding your home owner’s insurance coverage

Please be advised that some homeowner’s insurance companies will send out their own inspectors after closing, and they may have a different opinion (than the home inspector) of the suitability of the installed systems and components of the property. These inspectors are typically employees of the insurance companies and are typically not licensed home inspectors or qualified contractors. As a result of their inspection, your homeowner’s insurance company may require that you replace or upgrade some of the systems or components of the property in order to maintain your insurance coverage. Your home inspector cannot determine the standards that these inspectors apply to your home and cannot predict if these inspectors will determine that any of the installed systems or components will need to be replaced.

Home inspectors are not responsible for the determination of your homeowner’s insurance company. If you have any concerns regarding the possibility that your insurance company will require any upgrades to any systems or components of the property, it is advised that you contact your insurance company prior to the end of your inspection period to discuss their requirements. This advice is especially important for any older properties or older systems and components of the property. The home inspection company accepts no responsibility regarding the acceptability of the installed systems and components of the property by your insurance company. The inspection report is issued in consideration of the foregoing disclaimer.

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