Molds are a type of fungus that grows everywhere on Earth. Mold needs moisture to grow and it slowly digests any organic material on which it grows.

Inspecting for and testing of mold is outside the scope of a standard home inspection. As a result, when we discover material that appears to be mold during a home inspection, we issue the following recommendation:

Possible mold/organic growth has been observed during the inspection. Mold can cause health issues in some individuals. Note: No official mold inspection has been performed. At a minimum, the effected area should be cleaned and dried. This condition is typically indicative of a moisture problem and will recur if the moisture issue is not resolved.

Please note that any information related to this item is being included as a courtesy to our clients. This item is outside the scope of a standard home inspection. No inspection of this item is included in a standard home inspection. It is solely the Client’s responsibility to contract with qualified consultants, prior to the end of the inspection period, to assess the presence of mold or microbial growth in the structure, whether visible during the inspection or otherwise, and determine the means of any necessary remediation.