Cabinet screws

Specifically designed for mounting cabinets, these screws are made of hardened steel with high tensile, torque and shear strength with a larger, flat washer-style head designed to sit flush against the cabinet material for maximum surface contact and holding ability.


Section of the building that surrounds a fireplace chimney as it travels to the exterior of the building. A chase may be entirely on the exterior of a building, or it may pass through the living space and attic before exiting through the roof.


A chimney is a structure, typically made of masonry, clay or metal, that is used to move the smoke and exhaust gases produced by a fireplace to the exterior of a structure. The type of chimney installed depends on the type of fireplace, with most masonry fireplaces using masonry chimneys and pre-fab fireplaces typically utilizing metal chimneys. The Chimney Safety …

Chinese drywall

Refers to defective drywall manufactured in China and imported to the US (approximately) between the years of 2001-2009. It can present a health issue as well as have a detrimental effect on metal items subject to the gases that it produces.


circuit: in reference to the home electrical system, the electrical path or loop which is supplied power by an individual breaker or fuse.


In our homes, it’s important to maintain proper clearance between things that are flammable (like most of the materials that our houses are built of) and things that can get hot enough to cause these materials to catch on fire. Some of the most common items in our homes that have the possibility to cause flammable materials to catch on …


code: sets of regulations governing the design, construction, alteration and maintenance of structures

Collar tie

collar tie: an attaching brace (typically wooden) that spans across the upper third of roof rafters; it is intended to hold opposing rafters together against any forces that would cause them to separate (wind, snow loads, structural movement).


A structural element that transmits the weight of a structure above it to another structural element below it.

Combustion Air

Combustion is defined as a chemical reaction between substances, usually including oxygen that typically produces heat in the form of a flame. In our homes, fuel-fired appliances, like our heaters and water heaters, are considered combustion appliances. The oxygen that is needed to produce combustion of the fuels that these appliances burn to produce heat is supplied by air, which …